Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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As owners of our business we wish to inform you that the overall well being of our staff, customers and suppliers has and always will be our absolute priority.

With the coronavirus (COVID- 19) becoming a growing concern we want to let you know what measures we are taking for your welfare.

Working in the catering and hospitality industry for over thirty years we are fully aware of the importance of using an antibacterial cleaner in our kitchen, restaurant and washroom.  We can’t tell you how many times we wash our hands in an hour – we just loose count.  We will continue to maintain the highest possible hygiene standards with our small team who are aware of the requirements.

Our team are being updated with the latest news from the Public Health England.  They are also aware to let us know about any changes within their families.

We have also restricted the number of guests to dine with us in order to ensure there is space between our tables and/or our guests are situated with their backs to one another.  In addition, anyone displaying symptoms will be requested by our team not to eat with us.

The government at present has decided there is currently no restrictions on restaurants so we are remaining calm and rational.

We thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

Stay well and safe

Best wishes

Julia & Lawrence Murphy