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With the announcements of 26th November we re-opened on Thursday 3rd December with ‘Tier 2’ regulations.  

What a MAGICAL experience for us and our team to be able to once again serve food on a plate and pour wine into a glass after eight months of closure!!

It was wonderful, magical experience to see our
guests walk through our
 big old FAT OLIVES door
on Thursday 3rd December.
We asked some of our guests to let us know if they were
 able to relax, enjoy the food, service and ambience to ensure we had ‘got this right’?!

Here is what they said:

“Firstly can I say how much we enjoyed our meal and whole dining experience last night.  The food was excellent as usual, and I think you have successfully retained the Fat Olives atmosphere. I have been pondering all morning about how things could have been improved, and honestly neither of us could come up with anything.  The COVID situation was handled perfectly.  I might suggest you offer customers the bread to take home, as I suppose not everyone will ask.  The thought of Lawrence’s delicious baking going to waste horrifies us.  We had our portion with home made jam for breakfast and it was as good as the night before.  We’re already looking forward to our next visit”


“Thank you.  It was a wonderful experience from start to finish.  The whole atmosphere felt relaxed and safe (the Covid measures were all in place but unobtrusive), the service efficient and friendly  –   and of course the food delicious.  In other words, whatever the additional burdens on you, for your guests at least it was “business as usual”, with the extra delight of being back with you after so long.  As I said, seeing your sign up as we arrived was a real thrill! So, yes, you’ve got it right.”