Feedback from our delivery service

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Feedback from our delivery service

“Wow, that meal was amazing; Five stars!

Thank-you for bringing a bit of
Fat Olives magic to our homes”

“Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the meal that was delivered today. Really easy to understand instructions and great that the packaging is reusable or recyclable”

“Thank you so much for starting up your take away business.  OMG it was truly delicious, the best meal we have eaten in lockdown.  We enjoyed it so much, amazing food with no prep – perfect”

“Just a line to thank you for an amazing and wonderful meal last night, it was superb and so well thought out and a dream to assemble.  To choose our favourite was impossible, and up to Fat Olive’s very special standard”

“Many thanks for a wonderful meal! Everyone was so thrilled to be dining with Fat Olives again and it was all so tasty. Also, very easy to prepare and put together. We thought it was a very well thought out idea, the instructions were very clear and telling us how to present the dishes was great, as our guests commented on the fact that it looked like a
Fat Olives meal”

“Many thanks for the lovely food – it was such a treat! Everything was delicious and the instructions were perfect”

These are a few quotes from some of our lovely customers who supported our first delivery service.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your support everyone

Julia & Lawrence